Wheel chair

February 18, 2009

After a lot of hassle with official papers and lengthy procedures I finally can say that I have wheel chair! This wheel chair means so much to me (at least freedom and security). Two weeks ago we (Monling and I) went to “Welzorg” to see which wheel chair suited me best. There was not much choice so we selected the lightest wheel chair we could find. Because the guy still needed some time to adjust the wheel chair we decided to pick up the wheel chair up last week. I thought it would be nice if my parents would accompany me (they agreed :-) so my father, mother and I went to “Welzorg” to pick up my wheel chair. One (complex) signature of my father later and I was the proud owner of a wheel chair!dsc05475-cropped

I invited my parents to lunch in restaurant Sloterplas to celebrate this fact which they gladly accepted. It was good to see my parents again. They had plenty to tell me which I liked because I get really tired from again and again telling the same story. I understand though that when visitors pass by their first questions will always be related to my health. I suggested that we would do a “rondje Sloterplas” (around a lake called “De Sloterplas” in front of our house). There is a challenging path around the Sloterplas of about 6 km (marked each 100m) but it is too cold now to walk “long”distances (Rondje Sloterplas). Better luck next time!



  1. Kinky ;)
    Welzorg? Tja, dat was af en toe ook zo’n drama voor mijn moeder destijds. Maar! Tis gelukt :D Je kunt nu rijdend de Sloterplas onveilig maken ;)

  2. I hadn’t realised you may need to use a wheelchair. I’m guesing it is just for distances – or when you are tired rather than all the time. That looks a fine chair – I used one myself for a while when recovering from primary bone cancer in my leg – so I know a good chair when I see one!
    Wheelchairs are a wonderfully lazy way to get about! I quite enjoyed using mine.

  3. Phew, good to read you are “up and running”…. A wheelchair indeed is a sign of freedom. It makes it possible for me to take my dad into town or to a park. If they take you for a ride on the “kinderkopjes”, make a noice :-), really funny !! Regards, Caroline

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