RCA reduces my therapy

March 11, 2009

Recently I got an inkling that the RCA (Revalidation Centre Amsterdam) busied itself to reduce my therapy. Both in type (e.g. speech therapy, hydro therapy … ) and frequency (e.g. from twice to once per week). Especially because I thought that some therapists have given up my case because they consider me to make too little progress. That felt like a cold shower. I, on the other hand, had the impression that I was still gradually progressing. I was working my ears off training my physical condition and language skills.

Today I met with my revalidation specialist and I asked him if my feeling was right (that the RCA was reducing my therapy). He started by telling us the purpose of the therapy (training until it is no longer efficient) and subsequently he told us that some therapists thought that my therapy must be reduced or ended. He had asked for a final report on me (I’ve no clue who’s gonna write that). 

These were depressing thoughts. I argued with him stating that I was different than most other ‘patients’ (most patients are getting better while I’m getting worse). Consequently I needed as frequent as possible therapy sessions to just maintain my health (let alone improve it).  Above all I had older “rights” to receive treatment than most others. 


Suddenly I found myself behaving very emotional and childish. It is supposed to be good to be denied therapy because I proved to be self supporting or on a level where they can’t provide therapy anymore. Maybe I should pull the plug myself by not allowing myself to be a patient of the RCA anymore. That would be sad but maybe it is better. I will ponder on this a little longer but probably this will be my conclusion.



  1. Hey, what is this Peter? Do not give up, at least as long as you feel you need that therapy! This is a due service, they can’t end the service like that. Why don’t you ear another doctor and ask him whether or not you still need that medical support?

  2. Lieve broer,
    Wat een narigheid……dit laatste nieuws op je blog, geschreven vol emoties, over de oneerlijkheid en het gedwongen worden om te stoppen bij de RCA, terwijl je je daar zo veilig en prettig voelde. Ik schrijf al in verleden tijd: voelde, omdat het voor jou altijd alles of niets is. Probeer een nieuwe situatie te creëren, waarin je weer verder kunt ontwikkelen, waar dan ook, alleen of met wat hulp van anderen. Kus van je zus

  3. Kop op, Peter!
    Klinkt lullig makkelijk natuurlijk. Dat snap ik wel. Je zus verwoord het prachtig, ik zou enkel willen toevoegen: idem.

  4. I don’t know how best to deal with hospitals. But they can be frustrating to deal with at times.

    All I can say is that complaining really works.

    So don’t fear being just as childish and emotional as you like in order to get the assistance you need. Good luck!

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