Frits and Jo visited us

March 12, 2009

We had a very nice evening with them. We talked a lot about our mutual employer Acision. Its now common knowledge that at the end of this month Frits will have resigned (as he planned several times before). We worked together, both in the Development Dpt, and we spoke about those times (especially about two of our managers (Frans Bonekamp, Wim Rimmelzwaan). We are friends ever since. I was to write a story in a book that they will give to Frits because he’s leaving (the company) but it is in Dutch so it makes no sense to publish it.     


I gave Jo a bunch of English books by  Donna Leon (about the ‘molto sympatico’ Italian Commisario Brunetti from Venice) and the complete (Scottish) Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin which she appreciated very much (if there is anybody else who reads English books feel free to make an appointment for a visit – the books are free). We went to the Indian restaurant Neetu da Dhaba and according to Jo (Indian curry expert from England) it was a good restaurant. Afterwards we played pool but as usual Frits won all games (just like my friend Marcus wins all games of Snooker that we play together). But it was a fine evening and all of us did enjoy it! Jo, thanks for the hilarious card!



  1. I have to rectify Payters comment on me winning all the time while playing pool. This is not correct. Normally Payter would win, especially when getting annoyed by not playing well. It was like a switch he could turn: from playing very poorly to instantly potting the most impossible ball. It shows his dedication: when he puts his mind to something he is extremely dedicated and talented. It is something I will always admire in him.


  2. Thanks Payt!! I’m onto my 5th Ian Rankin novel. Really enjoying them. Jx

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