March 24, 2009
The "plaster master" working on my fourth helmet

The "plaster master" working on my fourth helmet

We asked the re-validation doctor of the RCA for a referral letter for the (in-house) OIM (the department that makes all of the instruments, prosthesis for missing limbs and helmets). We wanted to have a new helmet made for us. A helmet that can stand damp environments (such as pool water). All OIM staff are very friendly, especially the receptionist. The “plaster master” told us that it would be possible to make plastic helmet for me that I can use in the swimming pool of the RCA. We discussed the colour (orange-red), the exact location of the removed bone flap, which material and the method they will use. On the picture that accompanies this post the “plaster master” has pulled a large elastic “sock” over my head after which he started to put plaster on my head. We will get the “raw” helmet (orange-red!) during our visit to the OIM on the 14th of April. I’ll keep you posted!


One comment

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your new Swimming Pool orange & red cap ;-)

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