Evaluation of my 3rd Chemo (good news)

April 8, 2009

healing[1]This day (April 8th) I had a  first checkup by my Neurologist AND by my Neuro-Oncologist. But first I was to go to the lab to donate a sample of my blood. I got a ticket that showed that I had priority (meaning that the results of my blood tests had to be available within the hour) and soon it was my turn. An hour later my results came through and were called into the examination room by our Neuro-Oncologist. To our pleasant surprise also the Super Nurse was present. 

All three of them listened to us attentively. We told them about my nausea, my need to vomit (even if my stomach is empty), my frequent severe headaches, my itching eyes etc. All minor complaints in comparison to the possible side-effects of chemo. They suggested some changes (Zofran istead of  Primperan) but not to the Temodal (the actual chemo medication). It is still at 420mg/day for 5 consecutive days followed by 23 days of rest (during these days the chemo is working). During all days (5 + 23) I have to continue to take Pantozol (stomach protection) and the anti-epileptic (Keppra, 2500mg/day ). 

Then it was time for the good news! By comparing the results of my last MRI with previous ones the tumor has these last 3 months not grown! That is unexpected and also fabulous news! He warned us that this doesn’t mean that the tumor will remain stable or even get smaller. I asked if this would influence my life expectancy and the Neurologist that he expects that my median (that is the line that defines the average life expectancy) has moved 1 year to the right (was 2 years and is at this moment 3 years)! Although I daren’t hope that this positive trend will continue does it prove the positive effect of the chemo on the tumor.          

Finally good news!



  1. I’m so happy for you my old friend that I am crying like a baby in front of my screen :-D

    And I am sure that median line will keep moving day by day, thanks to the good care you are receiving for sure, but especially thanks to your determination and your love for life.

  2. I am so very pleased for you too. I am sure that your positive attitude and detemination are key to survival.

    Best wishes from the UK.

  3. Happy Days!!!

    Thank God, finally positive news. For sure this has to do with your persistence and incredible strength. Man, I’m happy for you :-)

    Hope that the side-effects will stay bearable and you get some time to enjoy. It’s amazing the amounts of medication you are taking but as it helps you should continue.

    As we discussed many times our credo “never give up” is working positively.

    Big hug from Samui

  4. Grote vriend, wat een goed nieuws! Geniet van dit mooie moment. Kus van ons beiden.

  5. Great news! ‘Good things come to those who wait.’

    (Actually that’s a line stolen from the Guinness advertisement, but I’ve found it works well across a range of social situations).

    Kind regards from London.

  6. We are sitting here with tears in our eyes reading your post!
    We are so happy with this news.
    Take care and our thoughts are with you both.
    Lot of Love Ab en Joke, Big hugs for Tora and Blossom.

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