I fell while riding a bicycle

April 15, 2009

DSC05541 cropped-large

Frits Meijer came to visit us and we decided to ride our bikes around the Sloterplas. The Sloterplas is an artificial lake that was used in the sixties for the winning of sand that in was used to build houses with. The lake lies approximately 400 meters away from our house behind some trees in a park. It is very deep so it is a popular spot among divers. They even built a small ‘house’ on the lake bed for divers to take a rest (there is air inside the house).

DSC05543 cropped

The total circumference is 6.4km. “Why does he know?” you probably ask yourself. Easy. Because it is recognized as a good opportunity to exercise (bikes, skeelers and runners) and therefor there is a path around the Sloterplas with at each 5 meters a big white dot and at each kilometer a white line.

Frits was riding on my bike and I was riding on Monlings bike. We went straight to the 600m mark on our bikes and from then on followed the actual path clockwise in the direction of the swimming pool (the Sloterparkbad). I sometimes pedalled in front but mostly in the back. At some point in time I saw a parked car and a car swerving around it coming towards us. I knew I had to stop so I braked but forgot to put my right foot down.

I fell with my bike, my right foot still on right pedal, the bike over me. Result: a wounded knee and a hurting back. Braking while preparing to stop is not straightforward anymore because ever since my 6 surgeries I can’t do more than one thing at a time. Since then I took great care of cars and always remembered that while using the breaks I must put both feet down. As said before that is however not so simple!


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