Dissapointed in iTunes software

April 19, 2009


I’m so dissapointed with the iTunes software! Wanna know why? Because even an Apple Inc addict with a very technical background and specialized in the Apple (iTunes) software has to come back for the fouth time because the iTunes file system still doesn’t do what I want. I bought a QNAP NAS (central storage) a while ago to connect  two laptops and two desktops. I tried it myself but it appeared to be too difficult for me.

I thought lets call in an Apple expert. A guy  I thought that allows only Apple Inc equipment in his house. Fortunately I this guy among my friends! I had his task cut out for him: Please combine all music stored on all my equipment on my central  NAS. This specialist (pls refer to the picture) just left our house after his 3rd attempt to restore the iTunes libraries had failed. He can’t be a “prutser” so the only possibility is that this useful function has not been implemented well by Apple Inc!  Prutsers!



  1. Hi Peter, I was pleased to read the good news in the earlier posting. Keep on pushing that median.

    But seeing this picture of the smile on Ron’s face I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Ron, having to take your verbal abuse, while trying to get this “great piece of software” installed. Thumbs up Ron for the 4th attempt :-)

  2. Mmmm .. I re-read my post just now and I think you’re right. It sounds a bit harsh. I’ll remove it from my blog when you’ve read this this comment (please let me know). I would also not like to be addressed as “prutser”.

    But in my defence I let Ron (one of my dearest friends) read it first and he approved it. When I shot the picture (one of a series) we were discussing it and he laughed about the idea.

    Who is luigialbero?

    • Looking back at the original blog entry I conclude that it was the people at Apple that we called the ‘prutsers’. And, to be honest, I don’t mind if Payter would call me a ‘prutser’ as well since I needed several attempts to finally fix the problem.

      So, as of Sunday afternoon, P is now the proud owner of an updated iTunes Music Library that (at least on one computer) behaves rather civilised. Faulty disk drives had much to do with it. I hope it all keeps working…

      Payter, thanks again for a lovely afternoon of putting our combined minds to work on the problem!

  3. Apple would say: yeah it’s obvious that it doesn’t work you don’t use an Apple!

    I love the word “prutser” what would that be in English?

    • @BJJ, ‘Prutser’ (according to the dictionary) is equal to the English “potterer” and “fumbler”. I checked the English2Dutch dictionary to look up the Dutch translation each word. The translation for fumbler looks most to the Dutch word “Prutser”. But don’t take my word for it, I’ll ask an expert.

      • I asked my experts (Jo Wall & Frits Meyer) and they say: “Our ‘van Dale’ dictionary claims ‘botcher’ is the right translation. However, Jo says that that isn’t generally used in spoken language. She suggested that ‘plonker’ comes closest, although she likes (and uses) the word ‘muppet’ as well.”

        There you have it: I was not entirely wrong but nobody uses ‘fumbler’ or ‘botcher’. The translation I meant for Ron is ‘muppet’ and ‘plonkers’ for Apple Inc. I would like to thank Jo Wall for her valuable input.

  4. Hi Peter, I was just kidding. Trying to add a comment in the nature of your blog posting.

    And obviously failed at that :-(

    Knowing you and Ron (although not that well), I’m sure it was all understood as friendly teasing and you both had lots of fun trying to install this “great piece of software”.

    If anything should be removed, you should remove my comment and this discussion.

    luigialbero is the guy you spent half a year with driving up and down to Brussels to work with Hendrik Devogelaere.

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