Another attempt to ride around the Sloterplas

April 23, 2009

DSC05596 cropped

Yesterday Eric Jan Krupe came to visit us. He’s currently very busy setting a few businesses up apart from helping us to deal with some loose (financial and organizational) ends . We went for a trip by bike around the Sloterplas (that lies in front of our house) and this time I made sure we went the shortest possible way without wandering astray (I still have vivid memories about falling the first time).

It was the first time that I was wearing my orange-red helmet in public and in the beginning I was paying more attention to the people around us than to my cycling. I found that most of the people saw my helmet but only a few (mostly children) stared at me. Later I didn’t pay attention anymore. When we got back from the 6.5km bike-trip I found that I had not fallen at all!


One comment

  1. Super Peter!
    EJ haha, ook al een tijd niet meer gezien. Wel gesproken, dan wel.
    Keken ze naar je helm? Oh, jaloers zeker. ;)

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