New shoes

April 24, 2009

DSC05627 cropped

I bought a pair of new beautiful shoes. Two weeks ago I saw them already in a show-window of a new shoe storejust across the street of the RCA. I fell in love immediately but could restrain myself, that is until now! They are Italian shoes fabricated in Italy by the famous brand D’acquasparta. They are white with golden stripes .. oh what the heck, they are too beautiful to describe! I just take a picture! Don’t you agree that they are beautiful??



  1. You bet they are my friend! On the other hand, they are 100% Italian, would you expect anything less than gorgeous? :-D

  2. Not only those 100% Italian sneackers are splendid, but also your friends are adorable.
    Of course ….. also 100% Italian.
    Friends like this are special!
    It was deliciously yesterday in the garden of mom and dad. I love you.

    Dag lief broertje. M’lijn

    • It’s not only us the splendis, it’s Peter the brighest start here. He’s given a life lesson that I will never forget, which is that whatever happens to you, even the hardest and most unexpected things, you have to fight and believe. And all this always without losing your sense of humor and your passion for Life!

  3. He is my hero too and the way he deals with this situation makes me humble and I am pleased that this man is my brother.


  4. Awesome sneakers…Italian of course! Is there anything else?

    I love to see you walking on these womanizing shoes… They probably lift you off the ground; you don’t walk with these but you hover above the ground. Lol

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