Evaluation of my 4th Chemo

May 6, 2009

healing[1]Yesterday we went to the VUmc again for my monthly check. I had to “donate” some blood to determine whether I could go on with the chemo medication as planned. Normally you have to take a number and be patient (something that is very hard for me) but in the VUmc they don’t. Depending on your next appointment you’re declared ‘CITO’ (to get priority) or not. If you’re lucky enough to get the ‘CITO’ status the results of your blood sample are ready within an hour. 

I, fortunately, always have the status ‘CITO’ (because I have an appointment with the neuro-oncologist in an hours time) but most patients are not so lucky. I feel always glared at by the other patients in the full waiting room when we arrive. But I can almost immediately walk through into the examination room for the actual blood check. We went back to the waiting room of the neuro-oncology department to wait the compulsory hour. Unfortunately an hour waiting is long if you’re impatient (like me).

Finally we were called by the Neuro-oncologist. This time he not much to tell us because there was no MRI scan made since my last visit (scan frequency in my case is once per three months). We told about the side effects of the chemo (nauseousness sleeplessness,  fatigue, headache, irregular heartbeat, etc.). He was especially interested in my irregular heartbeat and irregular blood-pressure. I had to go to our GP he ordered me.

I asked him about ‘the end’, what the symptoms are and whether it could be a lengthy battle with Death. He told us that we must discuss that with the Super Nurse. He prescribed the same dose of Temodal (the actual Chemo) as last time (420mg) and some other medication we ran out of. He wished us well with a handshake. Kind man!



  1. Hi Payter!

    Net weer je laatste verhalen gelezen en alle foto’s bekeken. De voorlaatste verhalen maken dat ik met een glimlach alles beleef (inderdaad ‘kekke’ schoenen, evenzo Italiaanse Musketiers plus oud-collega’s). Je allerlaatste verhaal blijft extra hangen..

    ‘t Is alweer even geleden sinds mijn laatste ‘comment’ en groeten. Dus hoogste tijd voor een opfrisser: dit keer met een virtuele Friesche ‘kruup’ als extraatje (Nb. onze versie & vertaling van een knuffel).

    De afgelopen paar dagen ben ik naar Duitsland getuft. Samen met mijn oude liefde (Cuore Sportivo…) nr. 156. Die heb ik weer sinds twee weken – dus mevrouw voelde zich weer even ‘Queen of the Road’! Helaas bleef ie gisteren op de terugweg tussen Venlo en Eindhoven stilstaan. Met oververhitte motor. Tja.

    Gelukkig heb ik mijn oude(re) liefde roest niet.. (eh.. deze wel een heel klein beetje) ZoeffffSuki achter de hand gehouden. Inmiddels een bijna ‘Oldtimer’ (ook qua comfort, haha).

    Ach. ‘t Kan verkeren ;-).

    Vooral een hartelijke groet & alle sterkte met de chemokuren,


  2. Buddy,

    Don’t think about people who are glaring at you in the hospital…your case deserves priority and every sensible human being understands that. If you had to wait in the room your medical situation was unfortunately better. So keep your chin up and think “fuck it..this time it’s my turn!” You always paid you respect to others this time you are PRIO 1.

    How incredible tough must it be to ask the question about your death? I read your post a few days back but had to think all the time about this… You are a brave man and I miss you a lot. For us as witnesses it’s hard to see you struggle and fight. We all want to help but our capabilities are so limited that it sometimes makes me sick. You will win this battle and we will fight with you so don’t be afraid and indeed get the answers you’re looking for. The more you know the better you can fight; that’s the spirit!

    Is there any update from the super-nurse on this?

    BTW: would like also to understand why she is called super-nurse? Intelligent, beauty, funny, competent or what?

    All the best with the chemo-therapy and some of the symptoms look like Decompression Illness…you haven’t been scuba diving I suppose? ;-)


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