I almost passed out

May 7, 2009

This morning was the first morning that I had to take pills for my 5th chemo. All went well and we decided that the “road was clear” (I’m not referring to the notorious traffic jams leading to the centre of Amsterdam) to try to reach the RCA. Table tennis was on my schedule (quite a favorite activity of me) and I hate to miss it.

I had hardly begun or I felt nauseous and I almost fainted. Somebody pushed the alarm button to call in the crash team. The crash team came immediately (running fast) and worked very efficiently. Before I knew it they put me in a wheel chair, pushed a bucket in my hands and wheeled me out of the gym to the crash room. In the crash room there also was doctor. She asked multiple questions. I stayed there (in the crash room) for almost three hours and then we asked permission to leave. “Permission granted” she said.

My compliments to Hetty (?) for running such an eager, knowledgeable and efficient team!


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