Frits and Regine are back

May 17, 2009


After one year away Frits and his wife Regine are back. Do you know the TV program “Hello, Goodbye”? It was just like that! We went to Schiphol to see them arrive. I was pushed to the arrival hall in a wheelchair by Monling to avoid having to stand all the time. Family and (mutual) friends had gathered at the right moment to see them arrive. I had to cry a little as when they left a year ago it was uncertain whether I would be alive when they got back. When they all went for coffee it was time for us to say goodbye because I was dead tired.

Regine comforts me

Regine comforts me

Frits on the left

Frits on the left

A few days later Frits and Regine came to visit us with some very nice gifts: a boomerang (including instructions how to throw with it) and an pen doubling as boxing kangaroo with a sensitive nose (if you press the tip of the pen a red light appears). It was a great afternoon but after a few hours I definitely needed to rest. I hope to see them again soon!




  1. Hi Grote Vriend,

    Frits and Regine are back, but….. I can’t find them on the pictures:-)

    Fijn om je weer te zien, voelen en spreken. We zien elkaar snel. Sterkte met je chemo deze week!

  2. At your service Sir .. This time I did also put a picture of me and you and with me and Regine on my blog. Unfortunately those pictures which were send to me by your sister were all made under difficult circumstances (too little light) thus inferior. I didn’t want to publish any of them but then I didn’t have any picture of you lot. Thank you for your understanding :-)

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