Dinner with my parents

May 20, 2009


Today Lee Zen (she is cabin crew manager for China Airlines) came to visit us. She always brings much exotic food with her. She comes mostly for Monling of course, both of them are Taiwanese ‘girls’. Lee Zen is my wife’s best friend I think. I like her a lot. Not only because of the exotic food but also for the regular visits she pays to Monling. That allows Monling to vent her frustration about various topics (mostly about me, me and me :-).

They preferred my room to my company of course so I called my parents whether I could have a chat and dinner with them or not. They didn’t mind at all so they came to pick me up in the afternoon and took me back in the evening. We chatted about many things including my “end phase”.

Most of you will know that I’m a vegetarian I had asked for the typical Dutch “raapstelen stampot” (mashed potatoes and turnip-tops and onion gravy). I didn’t realize that it was not the season for raapstelen so (without me knowing that at the moment I asked for raapstelen stamppot) I condemned them actually to a long search. But that search paid off resulting in a delicious hotch-potch. Thank you both for making such an effort!


One comment

  1. Lieve Pjotje, ook wij vonden het een heerlijke dag. Het onderwerp van gesprek was ernstig, maar gaf ons wel duidelijkheid over je visie op de toekomst.Bedankt voor het vertrouwen in ons.Kusje van de boppers.

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