RCA doctor reports back

May 22, 2009
Hydrotherapy (People with blue faces requested me to make them unrecognizable

Hydrotherapy (Blue faced people didn't want to appear recognizable)

Today we met again with the medical director of the Revalidation Center Amsterdam. He went immediately (without delay) through his reports concerning me. I will now tell you what he told us concerning:

Psychotherapy: I will continue with his therapy but only if necessary. I need him less and less. The psychologist will reserve a weekly slot in his agenda for me that I may fill anytime. I plan to see him at least every month because I like to get feedback on how I (have to or want to) deal with topics like the end-phase, dying, euthanasia and donating my body to science.

Speech Therapy: I could tell him more than he could tell me. I knew already that my psychologist had urged the speech therapist for continuing with speech therapy (logo-therapy). My problem is that I fail to see wrongly spelled words and I can’t detect words that I omitted to write. After the explanation from my psychologist my speech therapist changed her report.

Writing Therapy: Also this time I had more up-to-date information for the medical director. I had given up writing therapy because the writing therapist ordered me to also write more frequently at home and I had to bring samples from before the surgery. They showed a remarkable and unexpected result: my handwriting now is better than before.

Physiotherapy: I wanted to continue with this and dr. Koppe (medical director of the Revalidation Center) agreed. So I may continue with Physiotherapy,  Hydrotherapy, Sports Therapy (fitness, badminton and table tennis) and riding a bi-cycle or tri-cycle.

All in all not a bad result! Thanks dr. Koppe!


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  1. Wat een lullo!

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