My employer’s HR manager

May 25, 2009
Paper based (non-Acision) HR Manager

Paper based (non-Acision) HR Management

What’s new today? The HR manager of my employer came over to our house. We have never met her before. Armed to the teeth of course, Eric Jan Krupe (my adviser and representing me) was also available. After some chitchat the HR manager came to the point: this visit was supposed to be friendly she said. And friendly it was (from the beginning till the end).

Unfortunately I was struck by a sudden headache so I had to lie down on my bed while in the comforting knowledge that my destiny was in the hands of a more than capable Eric-Jan and Monling. About one hour later she left again. Now we know that we are in the capable hands of a friendly HR Manager supported by people that know what to do. That in itself is quite a relief.


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