May 29, 2009

DSC05667 cropped

If you have read my weblog since I started writing then you know that I also suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis. I have been treated since 1979. At first only for Psoriasis until I was diagnosed as a PA (Psoriatic Arthritis) in 1997. I was treated with a lot of (medical) drugs like Naproxen and Methotrexate. Lately (as of 2004) I used a biological called Enbrel (Etanercept) that I must inject subcutaneously. Because I got this 3rd degree tumor all drugs against PA were canceled, also MTX and Enbrel.

Since I stopped taking them, the Arthritis has returned to my finger joints, my toes, my knees and my backbone (vertebral column). E.g. I can’t close my right hand anymore (unless I hold my hand and fingers in hot water). Then there is the Psoriatic part of PA. There are different types of Psoriasis. I got the most common kind: Psoriasis Vulgaris but then in combination with a rare kind of Nail Psoriasis. 

Fortunately there is an effective remedy against PA: the sun! That’s why I like to lie in the sunshine (as you can see in the picture). Normally I’m not so patient but while listening to my iPod Touch (a present from Maurizio and Katia) I can ‘roast’ (idiom of my dear wife) at least 15-20 minutes per side.



  1. Fijn voor je dat dit even zo lekker kan. Jammer dat het in NL vaak van dat but weer is :S…

  2. I like the “Vulgaris” part…keep on going to roast it away! Since I’m reading your blog my latin improved significantly. Maybe we can go to the beach one day?

    • Yes, sure. In Holland or Italy? You name the beach and I’ll make sure to be there!

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