Maurizio and Katia

May 30, 2009
IMG_1318 cropped

Katia and Maurizio

Today Katia and Maurizio Calderone came to visit us from Palermo. I used to work with Maurizio: he as manager of the Production Dpt of H3G Italia and me as a representative of Logica-CMG. I still remember that Eric-Jan Krupe introduced me to Maurizio (in the presence of a truckload of other technicians while he also didn’t know who Maurizio was). Now Maurizio (and Katia) are two of our best friends.



We were invited to their wedding (3 years ago already, how time flies!) on Sicily.  We stayed for a few days in Palermo in one of the 5 or 6 condos of the Calderone family.  It’s nice to have been adopted by the entire family (Maurizio has besides lovely parents 6 brothers and 1 sister and most of them have children). We tried to setup a business together and we would have succeeded for sure if I had not developed a brain tumor.

Almost all brothers from the couple

Almost all brothers from the couple

Almost all children and grandchildren

Almost all children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren



  1. La famiglia Siciliana ayayay ;)
    Gezellig he?

    • Yep, heel gezellig! Alleen ik zou gek worden van het idee om daar langer dan een week allemaal op een ‘qliekje’ te wonen!

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