Poll: Do you want me to go on with this blog?

June 1, 2009

Dear readers, may I bother you with a serious question. I would like to know how many readers read my blog and whether you like it or not. That’s why I’ve setup this poll. Please pick the answer that is most near the truth, I will only take 10 seconds. I will gather your votes for the month of June. Please if possible use the comment/reply field to enter who you are and why you answered the answer that you did. Thanks very much for your cooperation.



  1. There are two main reasons why you should go on. First, as a friend, I care about you, so having a chance to share your progress throughout your challenge is very important, especially because we live so far away from the each other. And, as a potential reader who is suffering the same, I would find your blog be a valuable goldmine of information.

    • Forgive me but the text “And, as a potential reader who is suffering the same, I would find your blog be a valuable goldmine of information.” I don’t understand exactly. Can you elaborate? Do you also suffer from a brian tumor???

  2. Hey Payter, I like reading your blog because it makes me think about you (memories). Don’t worry about the volume/frequency of the posts, I like rereading posts anyway.

  3. No Peter, I do not. But if I was, and maybe I was looking for some information about what to do, which therapies to follow, which medicines to take, how to face the challenge from a mindset point of view, I would find your blog very valuable, because it’s a blog written by a person (you) who has fought and defeated the brain tumor ;-)

  4. You got to be kidding me :-p
    Sure you have to keep writing this blog!
    I’m a Frequent Reader of your blog.
    How do you think we shall get news from you and read about ITunes installation, chinese food (love it), and all your “adventures”!?

    Take care and greetings from Switzerland,


  5. Hey, that’s an easy poll :-). Yeah, surely I want you to continue sharing your thoughts and adventures! :-) I love reading all the diverse stories on your blog and even have an RSS feed set up to be notified as soon as a new contribution has been posted. For me it’s a nice way to continue to add new stuff to all the many warm (Logica)CMG memories I have of you.

    Hang on there!

  6. Hi Peter, yes I would like you to continue with the blog, because I’d like to keep up to date how you’re doing, both health related and your general wellbeing
    Glad to see you also started posting blogs that are not directly related to your tumor, I hope they are an indication that you have started to enjoy the more positive sides of having done the surgery.

    All the best and speak to you soon!

  7. Hi Peter,

    Yes! Please continue writing entries in your blog. I want to stay informed about how you’re doing and your blog is a great way to do that.

    I’ve written a little program that collects all kind of information and your blog is on the list of things that is checked on a daily basis. I would hate to miss your posts.

    All the best

  8. Hey Payter, Ik zou het net als de anderen fijn vinden als je doorging met deze blog. Waarom? Pfff om zoveel redenen. Eentje is omdat ik niet in de buurt woon en je nooit kan zien, dus door je blog te lezen heb ik het idee dat je toch ‘om de hoek’ woont zeg maar. Kan ik een beetje met je meeleven, al is het van ver. Je een virtuele hug geven zo nu en dan en stomme dingen zeggen bij je blogs om je een hart onder de riem te steken. Verder denk ik dat deze blog ook zeker heel nuttig is/kan zijn voor mensen die ziek zijn. Ik denk niet dat het perse een zelfde ziekte hoeft te zijn. Er is veel info en ze zullen wellicht kracht kunnen halen uit hoe jij je opstelt, dat ook zo krachtig is.
    Als mensen hier aan mij vragen: ‘Hoe gaat het met Payt?’ Verwijs ik ze altijd naar je site en als ik ze dan weer spreek, merk ik dat ze de site bezocht hebben.
    En nog iets…..is het voor jezelf niet ook fijn om de dingen van je af te schrijven? (De reden dat ik zelf blog ;)) Dat is toch ook een belangrijk punt om er mee door te gaan.
    Maar ik zwam weer te veel.
    Ik hoop dat je doorgaat en je nog heeeeeel lang te lezen.

  9. Hallo Payter, wij zijn blij met je blog en hopen, dat je er nog héél lang mee door zult gaan. We spreken elkaar vaak door de telefoon en zien elkaar regelmatig maar af en toe staat er op je blog toch nog iets dat we niet wisten! En we willen graag alles weten. Liefs van de boppers

  10. Hi Payter,

    Ever since I found out about you ailment I find myself returning to this blog frequently. So please, do continue ;-)

    If I can be of any assistance in bringing relief to your plight I’m more than willing to.

    This blog offers me the unique opportunity to remain informed without directly having to intrude into your inner circle.

    Warmest regards, Chilles

  11. Hi Payter,

    There are many reasons why I like to read your blog. For some unexplainable reason, when I first started reading your story, it reached out to me, touched my heart. Your illness seemed such a terrible thing to happen to a person – and somehow it delved deep into my own fears (I am a cancer survivor myself). Watching you cope with the unthinkable in such a brave way, dealing with awful events so matter-of-factly, staying calm in the face of a poor long term prognosis and never losing your zest for life – has been inspirational to me. I thank you for that.
    You have taught me much about the human condition, about how we face aversity, about how we can cope. So yes, keep blogging please.

    Stay well.

    Jan (Author) from England.

  12. Natuuuuuuuuurlijk moet je doorgaan, tenzij je het zelf ECHT niet meer kan. Hoe kan ik nou weten wat voor kaart ik ga sturen, als ik niet kan lezen hoe je je voelt / wat je hebt gedaan / etc. etc.. Bovendien leren een heleboel mensen zo weer van elkaar, dat is ook heel erg waardevol !
    Foorall doorchaan !
    Liefs, Caroline

  13. Ga alsjeblieft ermee door Payter, als je kunt.
    Je bent een inspiratiebron – een bijzondere man – voor mij en voor velen.

    Ik lees al je blogs, regelmatig, en met interesse. En als ik ze lees, dan staat eigenlijk de wereld even stil.

    Het is gewoon fijn om al je verhalen te horen: alle serieuze issues en vragen – maar ook het plezier dat je beleeft aan mensen die belangrijk voor je zijn, het vegetarische eten en alle activiteiten waar je van geniet (Nb. de foto’s ook houden, alsjeblieft).

    Met lieve groet,

  14. what a strange idea to stop blogging!!!
    we are so far awy from you that blog is the way we need to know how are you doing.
    don’t leave us alone!!!

    take care man


  15. Payter my Hero !

    Ofcourse keep this blog up and running. I had to create an account on wordpress.com to tell you this :-(

    so keep us informed, be stong and for crying out loud, buy a new pair of swimsuits when you post almost naked pictures of you enjoying the sunshine hahahahahahahaha

    be good, be well and try to behave

    • Oscar, I’ll never forget that you (2nd line support) promised a bottle of wine to a customer and then asked me for approval to buy this customer a very expensive bottle. You nut! Anyways, thanks for getting a WordPress account. You’re so wrong at the last part: I’m not sunbathing in my swimming trunks at all! I’m sunbathing in my black Sloggie undies bought in the Bijenkorf Superstore in the centre of Amsterdam.

  16. Dear Payter,
    your frequent readers are also in CzechRep. Please do not stop and keep us posted.
    I am glad to read your blog, I can feel your strenght and your spirit from your words.
    I wont never forget those great two years having you as a boss, our canoing trip and you saying to David that he “looked like the third world war was comming”.. :-)
    Take care and warmest regards from Lenka and David from Prague

  17. I just found your blog and have added it to my blogroll, Cancer Blog Links at http://www.beingcancer.net. We have a growing cancer blogging community. More readers are liable to find you from my site.
    Take care, Dennis

  18. Very good to see more updates here, Payter. You’ve been busy!

  19. Hi Payter, please, keep us informed about you. We are with you, keeping our fingers crossed.
    Take care, Pavel (canoe “captain” – you may remember :-) and Jitka
    P.S.: I’ll write more via email.

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