Evaluation of my 5th Chemo (bad news)

June 3, 2009

healing[1]I don’t want to postpone writing the next post any longer. For your sake (I don’t want to have to filter information) and my sake (I want to write it down while I still can read my notes). So here it goes.

On the 3rd of June we had to be in the hospital again for a check (for the proceedings of this check I refer to my post “Evaluation of my 4th Chemo“, it’s always the same procedure). This time the Neuro-Oncologist was accompanied by an unknown (to us at least) Neurologist. She was very friendly though (Super Nurse was not there).

When asked I told him that I was doing well in general only I was from time to time suffering from headaches (severe flashes of pain) and nausea attacks (heaving, dry vomiting). He still decided to let me have the full 420mg Temodal and the other anti-nausea medication. We told them were pleased that it all went without the major side effects as we were told there would be. And also that we were happy that I had only one chemo left.

That caused some confusion on the other side of the table. Weren’t we informed that the second biopsy showed that I was was suffering from a 4th degree tumor? That came like a cold shower. When we asked Super Nurse (pls refer to my post ‘Super Nurse’of the 19th of May) for the DCvax treatment she answered clearly “no, you’ve a 3rd degree tumor and regulations require you must have a 4th grade tumor to apply for a DCvax Brain treatment”. Had we misunderstood Super Nurse or did we? They told us about the second bioptie and that must be some misunderstanding? Eventually we left his room, still shell shocked about what we just heard.

We decided to record the next session (this hospital is quite tolerant with allowing foto’s, documents and reports to be copied) which will take place early July. Keep your fingers crossed please all of you out there!


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