A career in modelling

June 16, 2009

Last night, while reading the June edition of the Dutch magazine of the organisation for Patients with Psoriasis, I found an advertisement asking for people with enough guts to be portrayed almost naked (men only in their briefs) showing their psoriasis. I guess they are especially looking for patients with the most severe types. They put an example in the magazine of a woman with clearly visible psoriasis. She, the model, looks glamorous despite her psoriasis!

So last night at 3am I looked up their website (I am what I am) and I liked what I saw. I decided to enroll for an audition. I got no reaction from the agency yet but I know that they received it. But now that presents me with a problem: if the agency decides to invite me for an audition then what underwear (briefs) to wear! What should you wear if you were me? Please specify brand, color and type (model)! I expect to hear anyway from you Oscar!



  1. Goodmorning Payter,

    After laughing for half an hour about your request asking me what to wear. I realised this I need an expert 2nd opinion about this matter.

    I will have to contact our good old girlfriend Rita de F. for this. I will keep you posted on the progress.

    Rgdz Ozzy (fashion advisor)

  2. Dear Payt,

    It’s clear; you need to turn to Sloggies! You must have noticed the giant Bill Boards that show my favorite ads. An example can be found here: http://www.skulpturhalle.ch/sammlung/highlights/2003/08/sloggi.jpg

    I expect your pictures to look just as nice. Sloggy do have a nice men’s collection too so you should be allright.

    Best regards,

    • I’m wearing Sloggies on the picture in the post with the title “A career in modelling”!

  3. Onze Rita stuurt dit:

    Geen CK or Armani, too common. Als we over zwemkleding praten, dan denk ik altijd “Brazilian”‘.
    Ik stuur je deze link,, moet je ff gaan kijken.
    ik heb die oranje voor Peter uitgezocht…het mag dan wel een Brazilian merk zijn maar we blijven wel Hollanders he….


    Ik denk dat de zwembandjes er prachtig bij zullen staan !


    • We’re not talking about swimwear! This is only half of the answer: I know now what NOT to wear but I didn’t ask for that (although thanks to Rita’s help I will be able select my swimming trunks). What do you two advise me to wear???

  4. Dear Peter,

    This is our pick.

    Squarepants: http://www.poptower.com/images/db/1067/420/300/spongebob-squarepants.jpg

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