Louis & Silvia

June 19, 2009
Louis and Sylvia

Louis and Sylvia

Yesterday Louis and his wife Sylvia came to see us. They brought us so many new toys for our cats (we share their love for cats). They bought us a canister with candy specific for cats, a long soft whip and three bumblebees (with this smell of catnip).  We go way back, Louis and I, to the time we worked for Certec together. At that time we went many times to Belgium (Brussels) to work as programmers/testers for the Belgian branch of TEC (Certec is the Dutch branch office of TEC Belgium). The two of us worked there with “Guy” (?) under the supervision of Hendrik Devogelaere (Hendrik will visit us on the 20th of July). The four of us had a lot of fun back then. Louis and I shared so many good memories about that time yesterday, we had to laugh a lot.

When Louis left Certec to work for CMG (one of largest consultancy firms at that time)  Louis asked me whether I would like to attend an “open house” or not. I appreciated that invitation assuming that there was plenty of opportunity to see employees actually performing their jobs, ask them questions and, most important, meet Louis. I was completely unaware of the revolutionary application process: only four interviews with a total duration of half a day, you had to stay all time in the same room and at the end you would leave CMG with a job offer (or not) accompanied by warning to respond within 10 days. There was no opportunity to meet Louis, no opportunity to ask nasty questions to various CMG staff and no opportunity to get a guided tour :-).

I took their offer to take a job as telecommunications consultant (Project Manager), working for operators like KPN and AT&T Unisource while Louis had become an architect on CMG’s SMSC (Short Message Service Center). I was hired thanks to the recommendation of Louis. Thanks for visiting us yesterday both of you!



  1. If I remember correctly, I did invite you for an “informal talk”. Still don’t understand how this got turned into a proper interview. But anyway, everything turned out Ok in the end…….

  2. Jeempie ja die halve dag gesprekken enzo…haha. Leuk om Louis weer even zo te zien op de picture. Je krijgt echt een hoop bezoek zo toch Payter. Leuk voor jou en je vrouw en deze keer zijn zelfs je poezenkids heerlijk verwend. Super!

    • Jeempy indeed! I get a lot of visitors from various countries and I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart for their effort(s) to make the trip to Amsterdam or send their replies (like you!), voted “yes” in answer to my poll or send millions of funny or caring postcards! Thank you out there!

  3. […] We were talking about the years that I worked for TEC Belgium with Hendrik (pls. refer to my post Louis & Silvia). Suddenly the headache (that was slowly growing all morning) was accompanied by nauseousness so we […]

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