To the beach

June 23, 2009

Bas came today from Italia with so much cheese (multiple kg’s). He brought at least a kilo of fresh Mozzarella di  Bufala (very very delicious), at least a kilo of Parmigiano Reggiano (the real parmigiano!) and the truffle cheese I ordered (a really delicious crumbly black truffle cheese made by Beppino Occelli). Monling made each of us a plate with about 300gr fresh mozzarella di buffala with tomatoes and lots of basil and a lot of artisan olive oil my neigbor bought for me.

My neighbor has a brother who has a shop specialized in olive oil called Olivaria. According to a website it’s the oldest shop specializing in olive oil in Amsterdam.

Nederland_Amsterdam_2672 cropped

After that we went for the beach to roast (as Monling calls it) our bodies. It was despite the very nice weather (with temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade and a comfortable wind) very quiet on the beach (Bloemendael). After the sunbathing we went to restaurant Metzo in Haarlem and had a great dinner. Bas thanks very much for the cheese and the great day!


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