Poll: The results

July 1, 2009

20090701 Blog Stats cropped

During the entire month of June I ran a poll asking you whether I should continue with my blog or not. I got 85 responses in total of which 1% (1) “Didn’t care” and the remaining 99% [84] answered “Yes, absolutely”. Thats not bad at all for a private blog with an average of 2217 blog views/month. My conclusion is therefore that I will continue as long as I can.



  1. Hey Payter,

    Fijn dat je doorgaat makkert.


  2. Good! I like to know how you are doing! Stay well.

    Best wishes from Jan (England, UK)

  3. Jippieee :D
    Gelukkig, al twijfelde ik geen moment.

  4. Hi Peter,
    I just voted ´please continue´ and then found out I managed to vote outside the one-month voting window. :-)

    Both my vote and its timing reflect my view on your blog. I am a recurring visitor of your blog but don´t look at it too frequently (once a month, just read all the May/June stories). But I really like to read it: it is nice to see how you are doing, and really inspiring to see how you and your family are handling the difficulties on your path.

    So I think it is clear, please continue with your blog for all your close friends and family and yourself, and know there are also a few a bit more distant people like me enjoying it.


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