Exit RCA

July 10, 2009

EXIT_aRosalien (my physiotherapist) asked me a few weeks ago what she could do to help me further along. You must know that at this moment I feel quite stable. I’ve the occasional epileptic seizure, headaches and my muscles and joints hurt almost continuously. To relieve those pains I’m assisted by a large team of therapists.

There is psychotherapy (René ter Horst and I can get along very well) and speech therapy. Speech therapy was discontinued (Laurien and dr. Koppe thought it no longer necessary) but last week (to my surprise)  it suddenly re-appeared in my schedule. This week Thursday there is an appointment with Laurien and on Friday there is a full hour appointment with René ter Horst and Laurien van Zeist. Strange! My guess is that Laurien is responsable for this appointment with the psychotherapist and me. What topic(s) we will discuss I don’t know.

In the RCA I also attend also sports therapy (table tennis), I attend hydrotherapy (which is quite exhaustive but I like it very much) and then there is physiotherapy and fitness. Rosalien is of the opinion that I must move on. In the end there are other patients that could benefit from the open place that I leave behind (I fully understand this). So she asked me if knew a sports-centre/swimming pool in Amsterdam-West that I wanted to go to. I mentioned the Sloterparkbad annex Fitness Center to her. We agreed that she would make a letter and ask around and (if suitable) then we (Monling and I) would make an appointment. This all happened two weeks ago.

Monling drove us to the fitness-center on the day and time of the appointment with Roy but when we inquired there was no appointment with Roy (or an alterative physiotherapist) to be found in the appointment book. Some calling around finally produced an appointment: we were in the ‘old’ place whereas we must be in the ‘new’ place. A new appointment had to be made.

Today we went to the new appointment. Roy was still busy with another ‘patient’. He appeared 45 minutes later(too late) and apologised for that fact. We were ushered into a room without windows but with an impressive (read: massive) treatment annex massage table. Roy read the report that Rosalien had prepared for him and decided that I must fill out many forms. Apparently the physiotherapists, the fitness-centre and the swimming pool were, although all in the same building, separate entities. 

I pointed out that our sole purpose of this visit was to find out whether I could get the treatments fitness, hydrotherapy (swimming one-on-one) and physiotherapy in the Sloterparkbad annex fitness center annex physiotherapy centre or not. We make another appointment for that to allow Roy to measure my performance and endurance and other key parameters. He will the next time also report back on the result of his discussion with his boss about the hydrotherapy (I really need somebody who keeps an eye on me because when I get a seizure in the water I will surely drown).  

This appointment is planned for the 17th of July with Roy. They decided that we had to fill out the forms anyway. He followed us upstairs to communicate to the receptionist which forms were required. That confused the receptionist so finally we left without filling and signing any forms. Ahrgg! To be continued.



  1. How frustrating. Sometimes red-tape drives me nuts! I understand the need for safety and care but why must they make it such a hard work? Some popel would give up at this stage and walk away ~ which would be a pity. I hope you will out-stubborn them and get to swim!

    • Yes, “out-stubborn them”, that sounds like a good idea (what a funny expression)! Normally I’m not so stubborn but I’ll try to follow your advice!

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