Marjolijn & Gilbert

July 12, 2009

DSC05788 croppedMy dear sister and brother-in-law came back from their holiday. They had been to the South of France to a city called Mouzens (near Tarn). They brought us a bottle of balsamic vinegar from a city called Albi. Because just that week we ran out of balsamic vinegar, it was a very welcome gift. They put their (digital) pictures on an USB-memory stick so that we could see their pictures together. They were so beautiful! Lots of sunflower fields, canals with house boats and old buildings.

We went for lunch to Club/restaurant Opium/. When we entered the restaurant a waitress came to me. She said “Please remove your hat” (“petje” in Dutch). When she noticed that there was another “hat” (my blue helmet) underneath she looked surprised but I didn’t have to remove it.

Later, when she came over to our table to ask what we wanted to drink, she was very friendly. She asked me what had happened to me and I told her my story (the brief version). My sister was surprised about the frankness of the waitress. I told her that it had happened two or three times before and that I preferred that people ask instead of point and/or laugh (that happens 10 times more).

Finally the food came, I had goat cheese salad (grilled!) and it was delicious. I hope I don’t get the Q-fever because I read in “Het Parool” (a newspaper most citizens from Amsterdam are reading) that Q-fever is very contagious (also for humans) and can only be transferred by GOATS! Can you imagine that I die from Q-fever instead of from my 4th-grade brain tumor. What a laugh!


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