July 14, 2009
Angelique is the 2nd person from the left
Angelique is the 2nd person from the left

Last night Angelique came to visit us. I know her from the time that we both worked for Certec (a scale and cash register manufacturer). I worked for more than 5 years for Certec (until March 1996) and I still have many friends from that period.

Angelique was one of the initiators of the sailing trip across the “Waddenzee” (a sea in the North of Holland) in a large sailing boat called “Vertrouwen”. We left for a trip of three days to Terschelling (the 3rd island of Holland). The Waddenzee does twice per day become “dry” when it is low tide. To prevent the ship from sitting on the keel and then gradually tilting, the “Vertrouwen” had no keel but instead a lee-board on either side.

So during low tide we could actually walk on the bottom of the sea and walk around this now huge sailing ship (we had to use a ladder to climb on board again). You can see on the picture the many seals that benefited from the low tide. It was a great trip with so many friends. Thanks for inviting me too Angeligue!

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