New born baby

July 15, 2009
Juwan (8th July 2009) and his proud mother

Juwan (8th July 2009) and his proud mother

We received a card from Danielle and Nio announcing the birth of their son “Juwan”. We went to a shop selling baby clothes and I couldn’t believe my eyes: so many “happy coloured” clothes for babies and young children. Not a mother herself, Monling decided to buy clothes for when Juwan was one or two years old.

Today was the day that we went to see the new born baby ourselves. He looked so cute! So lovely! Monling had made a great decision by buying clothes for Juwan when Juwan would be one or two years. We also gave Danielle a package from my parents with two more t-shirts. My parents know Danielle because she was our contact within Acision (my employer) and my mother was the contact for us.

Beschuit met muisjes

Beschuit met muisjes

We got the traditional “Beschuit met muisjes”. This is a a kind of twice baked biscuit with anise seeds (covered by white and light blue sugar).

We wish you a prosperous life Juwan!


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  1. Blessings to the little one.

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