Bye Rosalien

July 16, 2009
Rosalien (my ex-Physiotherapist)

Rosalien (my ex-Physiotherapist)

Today I said goodbye to Rosalien. Perhaps we’ll still meet eachother at Hydrotherapy but I can’t be sure. Rosalien was my favorite therapist in the RCA. She was the one that went “Nordic Walking” with me when I couldn’t lift my right arm, went cycling with me when I couldn’t cycle (I forgot to put my right foot down) and played badminton with me to make me run and jump without me noticing the pain.

She applied all kinds of techniques (e.g. massage) if my right arm, shoulder, hip, calf, leg and foot were hurting. But above all she considered me “her” patient. That felt so good, that personal touch. Thanks Rosalien for your listening to all my boring problems, for helping with the ‘politics’ in the RCA and thanks for being my favorite physiotherapist!



  1. Hey, you forgot to mention that she was good looking too! You, evil you! :-D

  2. I hadn’t noticed!

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