Intake by Roy (physiotherapist)

July 17, 2009

Today we met with Roy, physiotherapist from the Sloterparkbad, for the actual intake. He asked me to lie down and to perform all kinds of exercises. Then I had to stand up to do the same exercises.  This was followed by measuring my length, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and BFP (Body Fat Percentage). Finally we went upstairs (to the fitness room). I had to sit on big blue ball, to perform a leg press and to row 2000m. At the end his conclusion was that my condition was fine. Hydrotherapy would be possible only after the summer holidays (because in a full swimming pool he can’t pay enough attention to me). This gave me so much confidence in Roy that we decided to go ahead and so we made an appointment for the 20th of July with him.


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