Hendrik & Magda

July 20, 2009
Left2Right: Hendrik, Magda, Monling and me

Left2Right: Hendrik, Magda, Monling and me

Hendrik and Magda came to visit us today as planned long ago. They are from a city called “St. Pieters Leeuw” (near Brussels, the capital of Belgium) so despite there was no traffic jam they spend over two hours in traffic. They brought so many gifts, among them was a black cylindrical box (like the kind used for hats). This box was filled up to the brim by delicious chocolate by the famous Pierre Marcolini. We quickly made a cup of espresso for them (and me) as chocolate goes down best with strong coffee. The chocolate was really delicious!

Chocolate by Pierre Marcolini

Chocolate by Pierre Marcolini

Then we took them to the centre of Amsterdam to a Chinese restaurant called “Oriental City” to eat Dim Sum (we had lunch there before with Bas and our Czech friends). We went by taxi because it is a maze that part of Amsterdam (there are so many on-way streets and no parking can be found there!). We went up to the second floor to sit down at a table next to a window. Monling ordered many dishes (about ten) (you can see the many dishes with special food on the table on the first picture).

We talked about the years that I worked for TEC Belgium together with Hendrik (pls. refer to my post about “Louis & Sylvia”). Suddenly the headache (that was slowly growing all morning) was accompanied by nauseousness so we had to go home. Unfortunately I have less strength in my right arm and hand so I have to walk on the left side of the spiral stairs (no worries, I didn’t get another seizure!).

Thanks you two for the delicious chocolate and other precious gifts!
We’re looking forward to seeing you again!


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  1. Friends and chocolates ~ what a lovely combination.

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