Day three: France to Belgium

July 25, 2009

We got up at 07:30 and after Marcus had prepared my vegetable soup we went straight to the Jaccuzi (Marcus again swam in the still cold pool). We got some shampoo and washed and after some time we (wonderfully relaxed) went straight to our room for the ritual creme session.

086 croppedJPG
084 cropped

Le petit dejeuner
We had breakfast in the breakfast room (we had delicious jam made of ginger and apricots) and took our time. Back in our room we tried to recover from the early start (not easy at all), packed (also not easy at all) and checked out. Marcus made some pictures from the room and the view from the window (note the Dutch flag). Then we got our car and drove to drive to the upper city.

The upper city of Boulogne-sur-Mer
There was a fun fair planned for that day so we could park for free. We went straight for coffee once we had parked and found an acceptable place: a walled court yard. I would have liked to sit in the sun but Marcus didn’t allow it for some weird reason. After coffee we walked up the stairs to the walls around city and made many pictures.

DSCN4458 modified

Marcus needed still post cards and walked suddenly quickly to a local bookstore. He must have had the smell of just made post cards in his nose. I must admit that his cards were much much much more beautiful than mine (jealous?).

We had lunch on a terrace next to the town hall and a crowd for a wedding was slowly building. The wedding was long enough to order, eat, write the 3 beautiful post cards Marcus had bought and to mail them. Marcus had a fish pie, I had a soggy salad with pieces of bacon. Without thinking I put the pieces of bacon automatically on the edge of Marcus’ plate as I would have done with Monling. When I saw the photo of Marcus below with his plate covered with pieces of bacon I felt so ashamed.

115 saved

Begijnehof Congress Hotel
“En route” to Leuven which took us two and a half hours due to many “deviations”. On the way Marcus became very sleepy so I tried to keep him awake by playing some CD’s, making him drink some water and switching the airconditioning to 0 degrees C. At around 17:00 we arrived at the “Begijnhof Congres Hotel”. Immediately after checking in we took a nap of about 1-2 hours. Later in the spacious garden we found many comfortable seats and a large pond with koi. Marcus asked for a local beer called “Begijntje” and I ordered a “Spa Rood” (a local mineral water) accompanied by some nuts.

To Leuvens centre
While we were on our way to Leuven’s center I realized that I had forgotten to bring my medication. Marcus offered to go back to the hotel alone but the outlook of remaining alone behind in silent Leuven made me decide to accompany him. So we went back (15 minutes), found my medication (10 minutes) and walked back (15 minutes) to the same point. Argghh! That was probably the first moment that I felt serious sick. Marcus asked me what to do and I answered “I’ll be fine!”.

Restaurant “De Wieringe”
We continued to our destination: the famous Leuvenese restaurant “De Wieringe”. This restaurant was specially mentioned in the Marco Polo guide for it’s food but it’s location remained for long a mystery. We asked and asked and subsequently walked and walked in every direction that we were told to do but all in vain. Finally we found it. It was famous for its roof terrace but Marcus agreed with me that the many stairs would probably kill me. We stayed at the ground floor (as the only guests).

Marcus ordered lamb and I ordered (actually while too sick and tired) spaghetti with a vegetable (vegetarian) sauce. The dishes quickly came but I had one spoonfull of the sauce and I knew I made a mistake. It was not the spaghetti sauce but I was just too sick and too tired to eat. Marcus quickly finished his meal (poor guy, I know that lamb is one of his favorite dishes), Marcus paid for the meal and we went (via an alternative route) “straight” back to the hotel. Marcus put me straight to bed.


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  1. Oh I so understand the temptation to tire oneself out while on holiday ~ even when you ought to be taking it a little more easy. Sorry you felt unwell ~ but glad you’re enjoying life to the full.

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