October 4, 2009

October 4, 2009
At the request of Peter and Monling we write again on his blog to explain his situation. That is not simple. Everything is considerably uncertain….

On 27 august Peter started the ninth chemotherapy. It maked him considerably sick. He had heavy head pain and he didn’t want to eat or take a shower. Probably there was too much fluid in his brain, as a result of which he reacted this way and he got Dexamethasone prescribed.

On 23 September Peter had several researches in the VU. On the photograph, which was made of his head, a small white spot was visible beside the tumor. The specialists do not know what this spot is and they want to wait how this will develop further. Never ever quit! But a new heavy operation in the VU, an operation (DCVax) in Leuven, a tenth chemotherapy or another medical intervention are not judicious. Therefore the oncologists had decided on Monday 28 September that they cannot treat Peter any further. They prescribe Dexamethasone, so that Peter’s functions are improving.

One moment Peter is very clear, the other moment he withdraws himself in his own world. He enjoys enormously the visit of many friends and colleague. According to us (Gilbert & Marjolijn) he understands much of what we say, but he is not always able to react. This makes him not visible sadly, but isn’t he a master in hiding his emotions.

Nobody knows how this is going further. If there are important developments, then we will communicate this immediately.



  1. Lieve Marjolijn en Gilbert, we weten zeker, dat Peter blij zal zijn, dat jullie het schrijven van zijn blog hebben overgenomen. Het is vreselijk jammer, dat het nieuws niet erg hoopvol is. Het enige, dat we kunnen doen is wachten en genieten van elk goed moment samen met hem.deboppers.

  2. Dear Marjolijn, Gilbert (and Monling). I visited Payter today. Despite the difficulties in keeping up a solid conversation, it felt very good to be with him.
    I have the privilege of many years in his presence. First as my boss, later as a colleague and finally as a friend. He taught me to stick to certain values in life and to live life to the max. Over the years he has become very special to me and even today he managed to inspire me. He truly is a great and wonderful man. Thanks for keeping us informed about his situation.


  3. Hi Marjolijn and Gilbert, Much appreciated (however sad)that you are bringing us news about Peter. I wish you all a lot of strength and lots of moments with love for each other.
    Caroline Mesman

    • Good Luck Payter!

      Milan & Monika

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