On the 22nd of October 2007, after a long walk through the Japanese Alps near Takayama (Japan) and while about to take a traditional Japanese bath, I was struck by a seizure. I was rushed into a hospital where tests showed that this seizure was in fact caused by a primary tumor in the left side of my brain.

This event marks the beginning of a complex period in our lives, full of uncertainties about the present and future. As there is so much to consider and so much to do in perhaps so little time have I decided to keep track of the past and the future by creating this mere testimonial about a fight we plan to win.



  1. I wish you strength for your fight. The fact that you are so determined will stand you in incredibly good stead.
    I wish skill for your surgeons that they may enable you to have the very best long term outcome.
    I wish you luck for your fight too. We all need a little luck on our journey.
    I wish you courage. Courage is not the lack of fear – it is the moving forward despite it.
    I wish you calm. A calm acceptance that we are all part of a much bigger plan and there is nothing to fear.
    I wish you love and support from your family and friends. Although I am sure you already have that.

    Kindest sincerest wishes from a stranger. I am a cancer survivor myself.

  2. Lief broertje,

    We proberen het weer een keer en voelen ons nu echte ‘bloggers’, want het lukt ons, om hier te komen zonder veel moeite.

    We zullen je misschien nog spreken morgen en ook nog sms-en, maar maken toch nog even gebruik van deze mogelijkheid om je enorm veel sterkte te wensen. Weet, dat we enorm veel om je geven en wat er ook gebeurt, je in alles, zoveel mogelijk, zullen steunen. De laatste maanden waren erg intens en ondanks de ellende, die over jou, Ling en ons heenkomt, waren het maanden vol vriendschap, liefde en begrip. We zien je vrijdag en zullen ons best doen om je ‘lezers’ op de hoogte te houden, hoe het met je gaat.

    Dag lief broertje, we houden van je, Gilbert en M’lijn

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