New Surgery Update

August 25, 2008. I like to thank my sister and ‘brother’ for their great support. They had to support me for so much longer than I first expected. They collected details on my status, translated the bits with value and published it. They processed the your feedback and published it. Thanks a lot guys!!

And then there is you, visitors, that use this Weblog for reference and to publish your supportive messages. Messages that often reached me in my most stressful hours, printed and read to me by my sister. Thank you very very much!

I have decided to take resposibility for this blog back (as of today). I will continue at https://cranius.wordpress.com. Thanks again caretakers!

July 24, 2008. For exact 3 months ago Peter has his first medical surgery. On Sunday 20 April Peter asked us to continue his blog during his stay in the hospital. We knew how important this blog was for him and of course we accepted this request. In the past three months we have supplied information on the situation of Peter. In this period we were anxiously and desperate because he needed four operations instead of one. Also we are happy that Peter is, in spite of all medical surgeries, the same nice person. This week we have asked him to reflect concerning the future of this blog. Peter has decided that he will continue this blog by himself. This is a huge step forward. We look forward to his personal texts, just like you.



 (Marjolijn and Peter)


July 20, 2008. Today we have spoken Peter. Gilbert and I reached, after this conversation, the conclusion, that the last radiotherapies have had very much impact. And they still have influence on his physical and mental situation. It will require some time for his recovery. Except fatigue, he also must get used to his new situation. It’s only four days since he left the RCA. The coming week has Peter on Monday and Thursday therapy.

July 17, 2008. Yesterday Peter could definitively go to his own house. He gets an outpatient treatment in the RCA. Today Peter has had his last medical treatment in the VU. He is overjoyed but is also very tired … he reaches again a new phase. Now he can concentrate on his convalescence. The expectation of the doctors is, that in a couple weeks his ability to find words will improve. The small wounds on his head are closed. We have bought a book for Peter of David Servan-Schreiber. This psychiatrist has developed a very own theory of healing strength of the brain. He had a brain tumor 15 years ago. Soon we visit Peter and give him this book. We have drunk Prosecco on Peter’s progress.

July 13, 2008. We have good news: this week he will have his last radiotherapy. Lucky, because his head skin is very thin. Even water on his head is painful. With Monling and his cats Peter had a free and easy weekend. I have called up him today, but his talking was not successful. His inability, caused by cerebral dysfunction, to communicate in speaking must be frustrating for him. Friday afternoon Peter rang me at my work and spoke fluently and he was very charming. Each day there are unexpected changes. Peter says in these cases: “such is life”. And that is a good state of mind.

July 10, 2008. Peter is very tired of the treatment by X-rays, which take place each working day. His head skin reacts and also he is losing his hair. After tomorrow Peter and Monling only have to go seven times to the VU for the radiotherapies. Then at last he succeeds in getting the full treatment of radiotherapies. Peter dedicates himself fully to his therapies in the RCA. He takes part to a discussion group. He practices writing to improve the movement of his right hand. Next week Peter will stay also in the RCA, because the small wounds on his head are still a point of interest. Lucky he is able to go this week end to his home.

July 6, 2008. Today we telephoned him to get some information. He is so pleased to be in his own home. He is relaxing this week end. He went with Monling to the latest movie of Harrison Ford “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. He reads regularly his blog and his vocabulary is growing. Hopefully this week the doctor team will decide when Peter can leave the RCA. Still 12 irradiations … fortunately, because his head skin becomes very thin. In spite of the treatment by X-rays, eating zucchini and tomatoes makes him happy.

July 3, 2008. Tuesday there was a meeting in the RCA concerning the convalescence of Peter. The small wounds on his head are still a point of interest. The doctor team decided that Peter is able to stay this week end in his own house. The doctors and therapists are contented with the situation of Peter. He is still progressing. Mother Teresa said: “To keep a lamp burning, we have to put oil in it”. Each day we come near the day of his last radiotherapy.

June 29, 2008. Today we have celebrated the anniversary of my mother with Peter and Monling. We got delicious truffle chocolate cake with tea. It was sociable. Tuesday morning the doctors, therapists, Peter and Monling will have a meeting concerning the progress of Peter in the RCA. Then Peter and Monling will hear if Peter can go from his house to the therapies. The emphasis of its convalescence lies on talking and finding words. His healing is unpredictable because of the radiotherapies. We must have patience. There are fortunately two matters where on we can focus. Peter shall probably rapidly go home and he has his last radiation treatment on 22 July.

June 26, 2008. Yesterday we visited Peter in the RCA. The most wonderful news what he had for us, was that the therapists will examine next week or Peter can definitively go to his house. Then he must go with a taxi to the RCA and VU for therapies. Waiting for the radiotherapies and the other therapies makes him tired, the radiotherapies worsen this. He can stay again Saturday and Sunday in his own house. His hair falls out, but he told us: “I do not bother”. It frustrates him, when he is not able to find the correct words to make clear what he means. He lives with the idea: It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

June 22, 2008. It is simply great receivig all those wojdreful signs from all ovet ths world. Thans everyon for the crsds, letters, baleoons, cats, faxes! I suffer froa m dooudle vision so I keek this shrt. Bye, Pater.

We are proud on Peter, because it is very difficult to write the above words, if he sees everything twice. And what a courage, to contract the confrontation with yourself, if typing does not go easy anymore. Today we have spoken with Peter and Monling. They have had a nice week-end. Saturday Peter has slept for a long time. Afterwards they went to an indonesian shop. He has taken in his house the staircase. So they ate together upstairs in the kitchen. In all rest they were able to talk about several themes. In the RCA goes everything well. In the Vondelpark Peter goes for Nordic Walking with his physiotherapist. For the coordination of his arm and hand he has exercises. Wednesday evening we will go on a visit at my tough brother, we all look forward to this.

19 June, 2008. Wednesday was Peter as sick as a cat. That morning in the VU an examination has taken place of this small inflammation. Peter and Monling had to wait a long period, but the result made us happy. It was only a superficial inflammation, which must be treated with antibiotics. We are back and forth swung by several emotions and that makes it heavy. Each Tuesday they have a meeting with the neurochirug dWH, who wants to be informed every week. As control freak it is for Peter cumbersome, that he cannot influence the situation himself. Two weeks ago Peter went to the RCA and now he can stay Saturday and Sunday in his own house…that is extraordinary news. If you take into account everything what the last months have happened, his return to health will take some time.

15 June, 2008. Yesterday we arrived late in the afternoon in the RCA. He slept in his chamber because he no longer expected us. The therapies of the RCA and the radiotherapy make him tired. He progresses enormously. Of course Peter wants a still faster progress. Next week Peter gets a fixed schema, in the morning radiotherapy in the VU and in the afternoon therapy in the RCA. Peter found it pleasant to be at home with Monling and his cats. By removing the stitches in its head a small inflammation has arisen. Tomorrow the doctors in the VU will examine this small inflammation.

12 June, 2008. The rehabilitation of Peter in the RCA goes successfully. The therapists in the RCA are extremely friendly. Also at the radiotherapy in hospital VU he gets much support of the doctors. Tuesday evening Peter has got authorization to eat outside the RCA. Peter and Monling have eaten at an Italian restaurant near the RCA. He has to come to like normal food and enjoyed his pizza gorgonzola. Next Sunday Peter is allowed to go for one day to his own house. What a great news! This is the next progress toward his recuperation.

8 June, 2008. Today we visited Peter in the RCA in Amsterdam. This rehabilitation centre lies in the middle of in Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark. It goes well with him. Each working day he becomes radiotherapy. Such a therapy lasts a couple of moments. Sometimes, he and Monling have to wait an hour for the ambulance which transports them from the RCA to the hospital VU. Peter gets 33 radiotherapies; therefore the last radiotherapy will take place on Monday 21 July. We find that he talks clearer and his moves are enormously better. During his stay in the hospital VU, there was only one huge problem for Peter: “Will I continue to live?” Now in the RCA, he is a phase further and he is faced with the question: “Shall I be able to do everything such as I did for my operation?” And on this question nobody is able to give an answer. The coming days Peter will have a fixed schedule for: radiotherapy, physiology, speech therapy and occupational therapy. We regularly print for Peter the blog and the comments. Because his health is stable now, we will inform you every Sunday and Thursday by means of this blog. If there are important developments, then we will communicate this immediately.

3 June, 2008. It goes very fast. Yesterday and today Peter got physiotherapy. Today Peter walked alone with his therapist flat beside him. Each day his talking is improving. He goes tomorrow to the Rehabilitation Centre Amsterdam (www.rcamsterdam.nl) for intensively therapy. His admission into the hospital VU will be ended tomorrow. A heavy time, in which we extremely worried. In the RCA the talking and moving of Peter will improve. Thursday the first radiotherapy will start in the hospital VU. He is nervous about this radiotherapy.

1 June, 2008. Today my mother and I visited Peter to check his health. The situation of yesterday gave us no satisfaction. The first words what he said to us was: “My back is dry”. And afterwards: “I have had breakfast”. Fortunately, it goes today well with him. Tomorrow, after for a long time he gets therapy.

31 May, 2008. Yesterday the drain was removed. And everything was all right and this situation remained the complete day. My mother, Monling, my aunt and Marcus, they all saw that my brother was doing well. This morning the wound in his back leaked, which has been made by the drain. The whole day he was not allowed to lie on his back and he was not amused. With large eyes, full of misery, he looked at us. Peter didn’t want to eat or drink. We hope that this does not will last too long. As soon as the wound heals, it will go better with him.

29 May, 2008. Wednesday morning the compression bandage was removed. It was very emotional, because Peter and we were anxious that his head was leaking Liquor cerebrospinalis. This is a clear bodily fluid that occupies the subarachnoid space and the ventricular system around and inside the brain. Essentially, the brain “floats” in it. But that did not happen fortunately. Also this morning his head was dry. The next phase is reducing the liquid by the drain. This reduction causes, however, head pain, but this is a step forward. He is very tired, but four operations and four narcoses have demanded much of Peter.

27 May, 2008. Still we don’t know the effects of all four operations. Dr. B. and Dr. dWH visited Peter yesterday, but so briefly, that they didn’t explain his situation. My brother is confused about all those operations and it makes him uncertain. For this reason we have an appointment with dr. dWH for Thursday afternoon. The compression bandage will be perhaps removed tomorrow. Then Peter has probably less head pain and we know, at last, if the head wounds are healing.

25 May, 2008. We, Gilbert and I, checked Peter’s health this afternoon. Of course today I had several talks with my mum about my brother. We have a close cooperation, we girls, and that is also necessary because Thursday my father will have a medical surgery to his knee. Peter was able to say a few short sentences. He indicated that he is concerned about the operation of his father. Peter has head pain by the compression bandage. Fortunately he has now a single room for him to recover. Tomorrow Dr. B. will visit him, so we will hear more details about the effects of the operations. In spite of the previous days we left with a good feeling.

24 May, 2008. To the third operation Peter reacted insufficiently. The complete day he had headache and was not responding to Monling and my parents. The doctors decided, after studying two CT scans, to carry out a fourth operation. At 15:45 this afternoon the collection of blood was removed, between the skull and the membranes that surround the brain. The membrane has been now attached to the skull, so there is no space for accumulation of blood. At 21.30 this evening Peter has been brought to the High Care, after this he is transmitted to the Medium Care for extra medical control. We will visit him tomorrow.

23 May, 2008. Each day there are unexpected changes. Wednesday we all were so pleased, because finally his head was healing. But yesterday morning his head was leaking and a nurse gave alarm to Dr. B. and Dr. dWH. They decided that Peter needed a third operation. So they put Peter’s name on the Flex list and he had to wait for the operation. Thursday afternoon he had a claustrophobic experience at the appointment with the radiotherapy specialist. He had to wait for the operation of Thursday morning up to Friday evening. At 20:30 this evening he was brought to the operation-room. We are nervously and must wait for the result. Tomorrow we can supply new information on this blog.

21 May, 2008. It is going well. The wounds on his head are dry for the first time. Dr. B will be just after three days satisfied that his head wounds are dry. Therefore he must endure this drain for two more days. When Peter finds out this night, that his head is healing, he was so excited that he could no longer sleep. Tomorrow Peter and Monling have a meeting with Super Nurse and a radiotherapy specialist. We, Gilbert and I, hope that he will stay a few days longer in this hospital. Here he gets the best medical care and becomes more stable. But we are certainly of it that he starts next week with his rehabilitation in RCA in Amsterdam. We hope to be able to tell you more Friday.

19 May, 2008. It was a terrible morning. My parents and Monling were in the hospital, when Peter was suddenly in great pain. He had pain in his hips and legs. For this pain the doctor prescribed a morphine injection. What a difference with yesterday. We all become confused of these changes. Gilbert and I went in the evening to check Peter’s state. He had still pain in his hips and head. It was difficult for him to find the correct words to explain his situation. He told us, that he wants tomorrow gladly some action during his physiotherapy. He is tough.

18 May, 2008. The drain didn’t work. So the ward doctor removed the first drain and placed a second one. We saw that the clear liquid went through the tube. He ate his daily bread with honey and chocolate. He uses so often chocolate, because the cheese is too salty. After his meal suddenly the drain caused a terrible headache. Although his head exploded and he was in pain, he was able to smile when we were leaving. We admired his courage.

17 May, 2008. Yesterday evening Dr. B. concluded that Peter needed a drain to remove some liquor cerebrospinalis. We hope that the head wounds will be dry and close in a few days. By this drain Peter had after a while less pressure in his head. We had been surprised that he could talk so good and made clear what occupies him. Tomorrow we go on a visit at him and are curious how we find him.

15 May, 2008. Peter had its second operation in the night of Tuesday on Wednesday at 04.30. The wounds on its head did not heal sufficient. So dr. dWH decided for the second operation. Risk existed that this operation would have a negative influence on his recovery. When we visited him yesterday he was only tired and spoke laboriously. Today he was not in a good mood. We hope that he will find the strength to fight and to realize that his illness goes in ups and downs.

12 May, 2008. My big bother is watching us. We saw a computer near to his dormitory, so we were not surprised when Peter told us that he had looked twice on this page. It is difficult for him to find the right characters on the keyboard, but he is trying with help from Monling. So every time we met Peter, he is doing better and he can deal a little better with his situation. The small wounds on its head do not want close. Maybe you had drawn your own conclusions when we wrote a few days ago that radiotherapy will be necessary. Peter needed some time to realize and to accept the result of the bioption, grade 3. This worse result will change the plan of treatment. So we have to wait…if we have further information than we will communicate that on this blog.

10 May, 2008. This afternoon he said “Write something on the blog” when we visited him. So now you know that he is recovering. His body reacted better and he walked almost alone. Peter was also able to speak more words and complete sentences in his conversation. He does his best on the exercises of logopedics. Maybe he will be moved towards soon from the Neurosurgery ward to another department in the hospital. His convalescence goes successfully. He ate all his bread with paste of chocolate and enjoyed it. After eating, my parents came with brownies…still more cocoa for our chocoholic.

6 May, 2008. Everyday he got more control of his muscles and his talking. He understood all we said, but we have to talk slowly. During the physiology he walked alone behind a rollator. It was good to hear him laugh loudly a few times. Dr. dWH told Peter, Monling and my parents yesterday that he believed in a quickly recovering, but radiotherapy is necessary to treat the tumor. For that a plan is drawn up. It is difficult to see Peter worrying about the future.

4 May, 2008. My parents and we visited Peter this morning. Monling was this morning free. According to me this the second time that she was absent since the operation. I think that my brother will be proud of her. We, Gilbert and I, saw my brother after two days, incredible…what an improvement. He could move his leg and pressed his hand. He shaved without help. He had independently prepared his breakfast. He had no patience, like always, and he trained his muscles to get his arm in form. My parents helped him to make a choice for the menu of tomorrow. We had printed the comments on his blog, he was affected by the pleasant words.

May 2, 2008. Today Peter had his first therapies: physiology, speech therapy and occupational therapy. We were pleased that he was able to move his right hand Everyday there were little improvements, but it is going very slow.

April 29, 30 and 1 may 2008. He looked better and also he is feeling better. He remembered names, what he had for dinner and smiled about some jokes. He worried a lot about the right side of his body, because his arm and leg were paralyzed. We drove Peter in a wheelchair though the corridors of the Neurosurgery ward, like a school-journey. The speech therapist told Monling, that Peter should practice more. So we tried to asked more, but that made him tired. So it’s going better.

April 28, 2008. Always this pain. Like everyday, he had a terrible headache. No wonder if you could see the wounds on his head. He got painkillers. He ate well today, this afternoon he had a homemade tomato/mozzarella salad. When he was awake, he is trying to find words to tell us about the visit of three doctors. He cannot form words and that made him sad. Everyday he is doing better, but it is going slowly. Peter and we are extremely worried.


April 27, 2008.Today he is a little better. Today a CT-scan was made, because Peter was not responding. He drew with his mouth several little twitches…. maybe a small epileptic attack. So he got medicine and this evening he was sometimes awake, ate some fruit and said some words, because he recognized Monling and my parents.


April 25, 2008. Sleeping Beauty. Peter is moved from Medium Care to the Neurosurgery ward. A MRI has been made and Dr. dWH told us that much of the tumors were removed. He expected that Peter will recover soon, because he is responding well to the tests today. His head was hurting and he got medicine for this. He was sleeping a lot, only Monling was able to keep him awake to give him some fruit. We hope, that tomorrow he is awake.


April 24,2008. The surgery has taken place, shorter than we expected. The Neurosurgeon gave us the information that a part of the tumors had been removed. A biopsy of the tumor will tell us what grade of tumor it is. So we have to wait … Peter has been taken to medium care. Monling and my parents visited him shortly this evening. Everybody was surprised that he was able to speak some words and to move his arm and leg.



  1. Prayers and thoughts for the best possible health coming Peter’s way. It is so good to hear he is improving – every big journey starts with single steps. He will get there – it will just take a while.


  2. Visited Payter today. It was good to see him and I can see his frustration at not being able to speak as he wishes to. Met his parents and Monling… you’re all doing a great job! I am sorry he is still in a lot of pain. He’s a fighter and will do everything to be able to walk (and talk) again soon.

    Keep up the good work, Payt! I know you hate being forced to have patience…


  3. Hoping no news is good news – still praying for a speedy recovery for Payter.

  4. It’s excellent to hear that the patient is making steady progress, and even reading the comments on this blog.

    You’re a strong man, Payter, and you’re a fighter. Your family must be very proud of the way you’ve approached this difficult time.

    It must be frustrating not being able to speak too well for now. But just think how in the future you can remind people of this – and in just a few weeks they’ll have no choice but to listen to every single word you say…

  5. Great news – thank you for sharing it – it’s so good to hear Payter is speaking more, eating chocolate and thinking about his blog – all is well.

    Keep on, keeping on.

  6. Finally I have found update. I’m sooooo stupid; I was continuing looking to the old page. Payter, I read all the news in one go: bravo Mr Boskmann! Now, someone will change the plan of your treatment but you need to maintain focus on YOUR plan.

  7. Payter,

    Don’t lose sight of your determination – * “screw your courage to the sticking place” and you’ll get through this.

    We are all willing you on to health. I hope you can find some strength from that.

    * Shakespeare.

  8. Lots of encouragement and admiration from here, too. It’s a struggle to learn to type again. But we are looking forward to the author returning. Hurry back!

    All best wishes from London. Spirits up.

  9. I’m glad to hear that payter is able to expres himself so clearly – that must be a huge relief to him and you all.

    Honey and chocolate sounds good – but much more so smiles!

    Keep on, keepin’ on Payter. I’m rooting for you!

  10. Lieve Peter,

    Wij volgen de berichten op de blog en leven erg mee. We balen er enorm van dat we je geen dikke hug meer hebben kunnen geven voor ons vertrek omdat je plotsklaps geopereerd moest worden. Daarom nu een zeer grote dikke virtuele knuffel van ons. De afgelopen dagen zijn we bij mijn tante geweest in Zuid-Afrika en morgen vertrekken naar Windhoek in Namibie, vanwaar uit we richting de bush van Botswana zullen trekken. Heel veel liefs en kussen van Frits en Regine

  11. Payter, my man!

    For the last month I’ve been thinking about you so often and it’s good and reassuring to read that you still possess the qualities that I admire so much in you: your strength, life-force/energy and continuous positive attitude! All the best for the recovery process and I hope more than the best for you and everyone around you.

    Many big hugs!

  12. Dag Payter,

    Na mijn (veilige…) terugkomst uit Iran snel je blog opgezocht en lees sindsdien met regelmaat over je proces. Moest een login-naam verzinnen om een berichtje achter te kunnen laten. Hoop dat ‘ie naar wens is..

    Hartelijke groet & sterkte,

  13. Hi there,

    I’m Filippo, left Peter’s company in Italy one and half year ago and now working in another company, in another country.

    Peter at the time, was my second line manager for about one year in Milan, always lot of fun with him :-)

    Have had the blog address from our ex colleague…
    Reading through it, I’m amazed and touched from your courage and your strength in fighting and going through all this.
    Just want to let you know that I am supporting you, at least with my prayers and thoughts.
    I totally admire your strength and willing to fight.

    Keep on fighting, Peter, we all are with you down here!


  14. Payt,

    Have been thinking about your situation all the time… Horrible to see and here that you are still in pain. Be strong and keep the faith; you are a winner! We all admire your strength so don’t give up and be patient… I know how hard that is for you. I am with you all the time…

    Remember: Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can.

    Keep on going buddy..it will be fine!

    Cu soon

  15. Praying that all is well for you Payter.

  16. Keep on, keeping on Payter. You are showing just how much stength and determination you have and it is awesome.

  17. Lieve Peter,

    In Maun in Botswana lezen we dat je inmiddels al 4 operaties hebt gehad en we zijn erg bezorgd over je. Keep strong Payter, hoe moeilijk ook. We zijn wel een eind weg, maar denken veel aan je en wensen je alle kracht toe. Dit zijn momenten dat we graag even weer in Nederland zouden zijn om je even met eigen ogen te zien en je een dikke zoen te geven. Morgen kunnen we nog op internet kijken, dus we hopen dan nog nieuws over je te krijgen, daarna 9 dagen geen internet, want dan zitten we in Moremi en Chobe = middle of nowhere. Liefs, dikke kus, Frits en Regine

  18. Four operations – that’s very tough. I hope Payter gets some time to rest and recover now. All best wishes from London, and spirits up.

  19. Four operations is bound to be exhausting – so rest to aid recovery will be vital. Take care Payter. Your blogging friends are thinking of you.

  20. Re Payter not being allowed to lie on his back. When people are ill, or recovering the small things can seem such big set backs. I suspect lying on your front all day is really uncomfortable too – it would make your neck ache constantly turning it to one side.

    Let’s hope this improves soon – Payter needs some good luck now. I’m rooting for him.

  21. Hi Payter,

    Als ik de laatste update lees, dan is dat met een lach en een traan. De traan omdat je al zoveel te verstouwen hebt gehad (wat ik en zovelen van je weg zouden willen nemen) en de lach omdat je op geweldige (en imponerende) wijze weer de dag -op je rug & met ontbijt- bent begonnen.
    Succes met de therapie!
    Go Tiger…

    Gr. Anke

  22. Hi Peter, I am sure you can get over it. The power you have inside and the willingness to get back fit must come out from you as only you are able to do. “Forza che puoi farcela”. God bless you! Pietro

  23. Hi Peter good morning. Make it through! I know you can do it! We are all with you. Regards, Pietro

  24. Morning Peter, nice to know you are improving every and each day. That’s what I want to hear and read in your daily report. Keep it going! And, next time I want to have the chance to hear your voice :-) Sincerely, Pietro

  25. Hoping you read this Payter, and are beginning to feel much better. The rehabilitation centre is a positive move.

    I can understand your worries about radiotherapy – but the end result will make it worthwhile. You need to trust in this.

    Best wishes.

  26. Well done, Payter. Good to see your progress continuing so well.

    Wishing you all the best from London, and some warm sunshine ahead.

    Good luck to Holland in the Euro 2008 soccer, too! Total football towards victory…

  27. Hi Payter,

    Glad to hear you’ve settled into the RCA and all is going well. It must be worrying to think about what the future holds – but try to take each day as it comes and get fitter and fitter – then the future will take care of itself.

    Best Wishes, from Devon, England.

  28. Amice, wat een geweldig nieuws!! Pizza Gorgonzola, wat een feest moet dat zijn geweest. We zitten achter een computer in het noorden van Namibie en lezen dat je goede vooruitgang maakt. Heb de afgelopen dagen regelmatig aan je moeten denken. We zijn verschillende keren de grensposten van Namibie, Botswana en Zimbabwe overgestoken en iedere keer weer die domme formulieren en die boeken vol met in te vullen kolommen. Geen systeem, dus geen enkele mogelijkheid om de informatie te koppelen of te controleren. Hele batterijen mensen aan het werk om alleen maar data te genereren. Ik moest op een of andere manier zo aan jou denken ;-)
    De komende weken rijden we nog rond in Namibie en proberen regelmatig onze blog te updaten en jouw site te bekijken. Laat het ons aub weten wanneer het mogelijk zou zijn om elkaar een keer telefonisch te spreken. Daar kijken wij erg naar uit! Amice, maak je niet druk en geniet weer van de Gorgonzola (met gnocci wat denk je daar van!) Groetjes en tot snel, kus Regine en Frits

  29. A day at home ! How wonderful. And meanwhile, well done to Holland for demolishing Italy in the football, and good luck against France… the future is orange!

  30. What brilliant news! Eating out and spending a day at home should really boost your morale!

    Keep getting better and better …..

    Best wishes.

  31. Hi Payter,

    I’ve been reading your blog everyday, and I’m very glad to read the good news that your are making good improvements. Please keep us surprising with your rehabilitation, so we can have a talk in the near future. Marcel

  32. Hoi Peter, tegen de grens met Angola even een bericht dat we zo blij zijn dat alles beter gaat. We zien dat onze berichten allemaal staan op “awaiting moderation” dus ik hoop dat je onze berichten ook krijgt. We zien ze namelijk niet terug op de site.
    Groetjes en take care, F&R

  33. Glad to hear you keep progressing Payter. Enjoy your time at home and get well soon.

  34. Hi Payter,

    Wat een (qua pizza letterlijk) heerlijk nieuws allemaal..! Fijn!

    Groet, Anke

  35. Hey Payter ,
    wellcome back .

    It was pretty fast return .
    What are your next planes ?

    Robin Teply

  36. Hi Payter,


    I’m so thrilled you are doing so well. You are one tough man. Keep on keeping on …

    Best wishes!

  37. Back at the keyboard already, and that’s pretty good typing, Payter. Well done! Thanks to Holland for some great football, and sorry you didn’t win…

  38. Hi Peter,

    Nice to have you back. I am happy for you being recovering. GREAT! Keep it up!



  39. Hey Peter,

    I talk to Monling all the time for updates on you and I am so happy that you are getting better. I pray for you every night. Me and the family, we all love you very very very much and we hope that we can get a chance to see you soon.

    Take care.

    Love, hugs, & kisses,


  40. “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”

    What a wonderful attitude. You are inspiratinal Payter.

    Best wishes fom Jan, Sidmouth, Devon, UK.

  41. “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness” that’s the right to say. Great! I am happy you are back and can say something. Recovering is what I am expecting from you. And see you soon.

    Best wishes from Pietro & Jussara.

  42. Ciao, grande capo.
    it is a lot of time I don’t talk with you and I miss our wonderful chat where you can sat whatever you want and I don’t agree … :-)
    Please, maintain your optimism. We are sure to see you in Italy very soon. We look forward to eat a good pizza with you …!!!!

    Dario and Family

  43. Hi Peter,
    it is simply great to read from you!

    You will tell me when to arrange for the next MIETTA concert :-)

    Best wishes


  44. Hope you are getting better and better.

  45. He Buddy,

    We are very pleased with the progress you make. Thinking of and drinking on you very often, R&F

  46. Zucchini and tomatoes … at home! Fantastic, Payter.

  47. Ciao dear friend
    It is nice to know it is getting better and better.
    Roberta and I are sooo happy about your progress. We are looking forward to see you soon.


  48. Hi Peter, I see you are progressing and I am happy for you. I have one wish: to see you again one day ;-) Take care of you. Ciao, Pietro.

  49. Hi Peter,

    Very glad to hear that you are much better now and you will be eventually at home soon.
    Take care of yourself there and hope see you again soon!


  50. Home with the cats must be wonderful. Glad to hear you are progressing well. Take care.

  51. Wonderful news – I too shall raise a glass to Payter’s recovery. Cheers!

  52. I’m sure the words will come back as those new connections are forged. And Prosecco will surely help!

    Best wishes from London.

  53. Buongiorno Peter, I just read that you will continue to write the blog by yourself. Great news!

    Bene, Bene. I am looking forward to read from you.

    Take care and best wishes from Pietro & Jussara.

  54. Ha die Payter!
    Dus je gaat zelf alweer schrijven… I’m impressed! Hartstikke goed van je. Overigens ben ook ik wel van de eerder genoemde ‘bubbels’. Zelf net een paar meegebracht van een vakantie in Duitsland/Frankrijk. Zal er vanavond eentje (un petit bouteille) soldaat maken en op jouw onnavolgbare strijdlust (met al die fantastische resultaten) proosten…
    Fijn te lezen dat het zo goed gaat.

    Hartelijke groet,

  55. How are you Payter? Hoping all is well.

  56. Hoe is het jongen? We zijn bezorgd. Gaat alles goed met je? Kus, F&R

  57. My dearest Peter,

    Yesterday you have had an epileptic attack. We find this terrible. Fortunately, your situation is improving. We believe in your fighting spirit.


  58. Hi Peter good morning,
    I am not having your news since July 24. How are you doing? I trust all is getting good with you and you are keep recovering. I wish to have your news soon. Take care of you. Ciao, Pietro

  59. I am hoping and praying that Peter is finding the strength to recover and get well.

  60. Dearest brother,

    We look at, just like everyone, each day on your blog. We understand that all therapies, your convalescence and the uncertain future demand much energy of you. Today in our telephone conversation you sounded good. Fortunately you have found strength to make a step further, after your epileptic attack, such as an evening walk. We will see you soon.


  61. Dag Payter,

    Hoop dat je leest dat we regelmatig je blog opzoeken. Dat we daar allemaal maar wat graag een berichtje van jou op zouden willen lezen -> zodra de tijd daarvoor rijp is. Pas dan.

    Wens je voor nu een heel goede dag toe – plus een beetje redelijk weer zodat je misschien wel weer even buiten kunt wandelen. Ha! en terwijl ik dit schrijf, begint de zon buiten te schijnen! Enjoy…


  62. Back!
    En dat is heel erg fijn om te lezen – en ook om te zien! Knap van je. Allemaal..


  63. Hoping you are gradually regaining stength and health. Stay well.

  64. Lief broertje,

    Where there is hope, there can be faith,
    where there is faith, miracles can occur.


  65. Dear Peter,

    Nice to read your news much waited. I wish you are fine and day by day recovering. I am always looking forward for you to get better and better and with patient will wait until we can meet again. I wish you all the best and I will keep reading this blob to see your progresses. A big hug from me. A presto, Pietro

  66. Hallo Peter en Monling, blij je toch weer even te hebben mogen spreken, geeft ons ook weer een beetje vertrouwen.
    Het blijft altijd schrikken als je van deze rare berichten krijgt.
    Ik kreeg e-mail onbezorgbaar terug, vandaar ff Googelen en de weblog gevonden en aangemeld.
    Ik ga alle berichten door en schrijf eerdaags met liefde in je Blog.

    Dikke kus en knuffels voor jullie allen……….. uit Schagerbrug,

    Ab en Joke en het poezenspul

  67. Dear Payter,

    I feel very sad hearing what has happened to you and from all my heart I wish you and Monling patience, faith and strength to fight. May your treatment go well and may you be well soon!

    Best wishes,
    Petr, CMG Prague

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